After the excellent financial results recorded by MASIERO in the first quarter of 2013, the 52nd edition of Euroluce brought a fresh wind of optimism and great motivation for the future of MASIERO. LIBE and DROPOP, the new proposals of the ECLETTICA collection, together with the two new CLASSICA families 6160 e 6190, in fact, have been really appreciated both by agents and customers and by journalists of the major magazines.

"We have seen a significant intensification in the incoming flow of public at our booth" said Enrico Maria Masiero, CEO of the group, "but also a very high level of interest, evidently stimulated by the excellent work of research and development carried out in early year. "

The commitment of MASIERO has indeed materialized in innovative products using new LED technology, made with eco-friendly materials such as natural oak wood.

All in the name of modern and functional style, but at the same time customized according to customer needs, that has always been the key to success for MASIERO.


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