The event in Frankfurt (March 30 - April 4 2014) turns out to be once again one of the most important and challenging international fair.

MASIERO has carved out a leading role thanks to the official presentation of the new line DRYLIGHT®, with a booth focused on an installation that recreated a summer shower in a garden decorated in a Provencal style.

The magnificent chandelier DRYLIGHT®, a creation that brings back to the Venetian tradition, is the result of the union between style and technology, with innovative materials and an international patent IP65.
A green lawn in the rain with a shower from the ceiling of the booth, wrapped the visitor in a romantic and charming atmosphere, offering the typical setting for which DRYLIGHT has been developed.

Alongside this installation, MASIERO also unveiled four new families from CLASSICA and ECLETTICA collections, which captured the attention along with BOTERO, exposed for the occasion with an innovative shiny chrome paint finish.

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